One of those admin posts….

Firstly, thank you to my readers, followers, and likes. I started writing this blog in an attempt to get some things out of my system and to get some things out in the open. I wasn’t sure if anyone was actually going to read any of it, but it appears there are people who do. Some of the issues I post about are still problems within ambulance services up and down the country, most likely in other countries too. In the UK mental health problemi in crew members tend to be swept under the carpet and ignored, but they are becoming more and more of a problem. After all, ambulance staff are only human. A recent episode of the BBC series Ambulance showed a large scale incident in Birmingham last year, with numerous fatalities. Viewers saw a small window of how the medics were affected, then there was the debrief. In all my time as a medic, I was invited to one debrief, and it was by the A&E staff involved in a nasty job we had taken in. My partner and myself had to push our dispatcher hard to be allowed to go, and we were called to a job before the meeting ended.

Please share my blog, tell people about it. Maybe we can help make people aware of how ambulance crews are breaking every day. I mentioned in an earlier blog how I’ve already lost one friend because of the job, I know I’m not alone.

What I would like most though is if you would talk to me, share your own experiences via the contact option. Only I can see your personal details, and I will never share them publicly. If nothing else, it let’s me know what you all think of my posts. Most importantly, it’s good to talk, I know it’s helped me.

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