Who Wants to Live Forever?

We thought she would. No one expected to wake up that morning in a country ruled by a queen, and go to sleep that night in one ruled by a king, but it happened and it caught many people off guard.

Since I can remember Queen Elizabeth II was there, inspiring, always the same. She’s the only royal with no scandal or hidden history. She has kept us right on many occasions and, whatever your views regarding her, been a positive constant when politicians and other royals were failing.

My gran was a huge fan so I was brought up to respect the authority of our monarch, something that seems to have faded in recent generations. Now the Royals are seen more as a tourist attraction or source of media attention (for all the wrong reasons) than they are a ruling body.

In 2012 the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. I was part of the ambulance service at the time and I, along with all other emergency workers, received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal. I was proud of it, not because I’d done anything special to earn it but because my dad was a medal collector and had passed away that year. I was sad he passed before I got it, I’d have loved to show it to him. I took it to his grave the day I got it, but it wasn’t the same.

Also, the day my dad passed away, on hearing the news I got into my car and drove. When I stopped driving I found myself in Ballater, the village next to Balmoral Castle, where the Queen passed away

I’ve spoken to a few friends and colleagues who feel the same as I do right now – uneasy and uncertain about what comes next, none of us were expecting this.

Social media has, once again, proven its toxicity, but also it’s decent side. Some wise person posted this:

“The Queen is the nation’s last constant. She – not the monarchy, she personally – is the last institution that has not fallen into disrepair, disregard or distrust. I don’t think we were remotely ready for her loss!”

In a world that seems to be going more madder by the day, suddenly our one constant has gone from us.

Whether you are a fan of the monarchy or not, it cannot be denied that she will be missed.

All we have left now is “God save the King!”

…but that doesn’t actually rhyme with “A fascist regime” (Anarchy in the UK – The Sex Pistols).

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