This would be funny…

….if it wasn’t happening to me! A phrase that came to mind many times during my career as an ambulance crew member. Like the time we were called to a patient who had been bitten by her very small rodent a few hours earlier, or the guy with the Sunday morning hangover. I’ll make more of both of those in future posts.

There have been many books written about Ambulance life, most extremely good, but not many that I’ve read address the emotional highs and lows a person experiences on a daily basis. It’s taken as an expected part of the job, and Ambulance crews are hardy types but, when you leave the comfort and support of like-minded colleagues behind, suddenly the reality of what you have seen and dealt with becomes very different. It is my hope to7 share these emotions as best as I can in my posts. I have many stories to tell, some funny, some sad, but I will also try to explain the feelings involved too.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions, or if you disagree with my views. If you can relate to anything I say I’d love to hear from you.

The Journey Begins

The statement above was added by the hosting company for this blog. Initially, I thought about removing it, but then I thought it’s true. This is a journey into the unknown for me. I hope you, the readers, enjoy what you read. My intention is not to “whistle blow” or deliberately offend anyone, but I may get close to the bone, or controversial, on occasions. Life on the frontline of emergency medical care exposes you to things you could never expect, and it’s bound to affect your perceptions once you leave that life behind. Even the driver training required to drive a 2 tonne white van with blue lights in an emergency fashion affects the way you drive your own car forever. This blog will, hopefully, give me an outlet for my joys, sadnesses, frustrations, and moans. Sometimes sad, sometimes serious, but mostly funny (I hope). I’m very new to this, and no great writer, so please bear with me…

All thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog, unless otherwise stated, will be my own. Names will be changed to protect the (mostly) innocent, and patient confidentiality will always be a priority.